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Blessed Postpartum Doula Care

What can a Postpartum Doula do for you? 


A Postpartum Doula is such an amazing resource in the first few weeks to months in the postpartum period. A postpartum doula can do many things including but not limited to: 

- Breastfeeding support

- Meal prep

- Errand running

- Sibling care

- Newborn care

- Light housekeeping

- Baby soothing techniques 

- Resources for referrals to other postpartum professions

- Helping parents with their physical and emotional recovery 

and so much more! 


Day-time rates: $32/hour (10 hour minimum) 

Night-time rates: $37/hour (10 hour minimum) 


Postpartum packages with savings:


30 day-time hours for $900.00

30 night-time hours for $1050.00 


Discounts offered when combined with labor doula services. 

Health spending accounts and some extended benefits cover certified postpartum doulas. 

Payment plans are available upon request. 

Sibling Care Doula Support 

Are you struggling to find someone reliable and safe to leave your children with when you go into labor? Have you thought about who you're going to call when your labor breaks at 2am? Considering adding a sibling care doula to your team!

I'm on call to you and ready to come provide safe and loving care in your home when you go into labor. Send me a message to inquire! 

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